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School is over, and this month summed up.

Hey guys, Kwaku here.

     So school has been over since graduation on June 19th, also a lot has happend this month (like my school having a fire alarm problem which caused us to go to the highschool for school instead of the middle school like usually) and dances/events.  If you have been keeping up with my instagram and/or other social media accounts you would have probably seen these things.  So let's get down to the posts.


New windows 8 touch screen laptop 💻. The old one broke. I'll resume coding this fall hopefully. #windows #dell #computers #laptop #code #technology #computerprogramming

My dad bought me a new laptop (which I'm obviously using right now) and it's pretty strong/fast. Core i7 too, really great!



I just finished the book "The Outsiders". It's a really good book. Warning: You will get a feel 😪.#books #reading #ponyboy #theoutsiders

I also read a great book (school assigned).  I finished it within a day, The Outsiders by S.E.  Hinton.


We went on a roller coaster 🎢. The g-force knocked me out for like 5 seconds 😅 #dorneypark #fun #rollercoaster #gravity

Then we went to Dorney Park for a school trip, that day I went on 3 rollercoasters (first time even being on 1). They were Tallon, Hydra, and Steel Force.



8th grade Social was crazy fun! #dance #social #fun #friends


Then social came along, pretty rad.



8th grade graduation 6/19/15 Can't wait for highschool next year. 😎 #graduation #summer #highschool


Then graduation was here, it was great.  After graduation though I went to the Emergence Room for heart problems .  But hey, I'm alright and living.  


This school year was pretty cool if you ask me, and I hope for more cool ones. 

  Well cya