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Spring Soccer, VGC 2015 Bid, New blog?

Hey guys Kwaku here.

     Spring time might have a soccer season for my team. For some months now it has been indicated that we may have it coming up for us soon; likely to be in the spring. Hopefully this proves to be true. Also, I've been thinking about making a new blog. When I first made this one I didn't know it would become one of the most subbed blogs on North American Hatena Blog. So if I do move this blog to another place or make a new one I'll surely update you guys.

     Also, VGC 2015... I'm not sure if my team is ready. I've been running some team combos on Pokemon Showdown. So far out of 45 teams I've personally painstaking put together, test, and modified I can say I've made 12 teams I think would de really well in the VGC 2015 Meta game. If I don't attend an event this year, I'll most likely go next year, who knows. I can tell you that my trick room teams have the best record of wins,(23 wins and 9 losses!) and my weather teams are doing alright, but last night while doing hours worth of 8th grade Algebra one work I thought of something: Mixed weather team??

Well thats pretty much it.  I've update my twitter to @4lphask and my instagram at the moment is still kwaku_amp