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Happy Holidays ,VGC 2015 PKMN training, Hatena Haiku English ver. Shutdown? (About time).

Hey guys, Kwaku here

     I hope you guys have had a good Holiday season. I know I have. I celebrated my birthday on the 27th, it was pretty nice. Also I have plans to go to VGC 2015, for those who don't know about VGC, it is a competitive pokemon format (stricter rules than battle spot) and is on a doubles format. You can only pick 4 out of the 6 pokemon you have and use them to win (obviously).  I'm actually working on a team right now, in fact I've created about 45 teams; some good, some bad.  

Also, Hatena announced that the Hatena Haiku English service will cease opperations.  Personally I have conflicting feelings; sure the site was home to ragging and flame wars, but there were some good bloggers and people alike on there.  Most have considered moving to the Japanese version of Hatena Haiku, others think it's a time to restart.  A while back I've had bad experinces on Hatena Haiku (Flipnote Hatena days that is.  Long story-short people were linking my ID to rude keywords, race related, etc).  

  Well that's pretty much it guys.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!