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✌ The Soccer Streak ✌

Hey guys Kwaku here.

     For the past 4/5 games we have had  a winning streak.  Today we won our soccer game.  6-1.

Last week today we won 8-3. The week before that we had a game in the morning I believe.  The other team only scored once but we scored 5 (or 6) and another team we won against before that. We have been doing great since our first game, first lost, close game, home game against a very good team. It was very hot that day so we did good for a 6-5 defeat.  Well, next week we have a tournament, Saturday and Sunday.  I can't wait! See you guys later. 

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I have some videos of amazing goal shots from my team. I'll post them once I find out how to trim and download them from YouTube on Windows Phone and 6tag.#soccer #futbol #sports #goal

During soccer practice. #futbol #soccer #sports


Good game Florence.We won 6-1 in an away game. #soccer #futbol #football #team #sports #4


Today at the can shake for our soccer team. #soccer #sports #futbol #team


Good game today. Florence wins 8-3 against Willingboro. #soccer #futbol #sports #goal


Florence wins 6-1 against Delran. 4wins out of 5 games. We're on a 4 win streak! I scored two goals, one was a header too. #soccer #futbol #sports #goal #soccerlife Great game guys.