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Today's soccer game win! :^D

Hey guys Kwaku here!

WE WON OUR AWAY GAME! 6-1! It was great. I scored one goal in this game! The other team had a great goalkeeper, however they didn't have a strong Mid field and their defense was extremely unorganized. They had good attackers, but we had a strong Forward, Mid, and Defense. We were just too good, but they'll do better next time we vs. again. They did some smart plays and tricks which got them a goal. If they did that in the beginning the score would be completely different, who knows it could have been 2-2.
Next time I guess. So I'm going to study.

Well bye guys! 


Good game Florence.We won 6-1 in an away game. #soccer #futbol #football #team #sports #4

During soccer practice. #futbol #soccer #sports


New soccer gear for this year. 😎💃Let's see how many goals I can score.😁#futbol #soccer #sports


I have some videos of amazing goal shots from my team. I'll post them once I find out how to trim and download them from YouTube on Windows Phone and 6tag.#soccer #futbol #sports #goal