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My birthday, Happy New Year, and holidays. (2014 fortune Hatena Blog)

Hey guys, Kwaku here. 

     Christmas was the 25th and, my birthday came 2 days after!  I hope you guys all have had a good holiday[s].  I have gotten a lot of time to relax and, I got a new phone!  Windows Nokia Lumia 928.  Also, Pokemon Y for some fun time on my birthday! 

  So New Years eve is today and 2014 is coming soon.  Can't wait... I CAN'T WAIT.  I hope this year is filled with good fortune and, I hope I can acheive more (like straight A's.  I always get that ONE, EIN, UNO,ENAS, B+ or B).  I can't wait for the FIFFA World Cup 2014 too.  2014 is full of hopes for many.  I hope good will come to 2014.

  Well that's it friends.  Bye!  


My new Nokia Lumia 928 phone.