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The end of a Soccer season. :( [week update]

Hey guys, Kwaku here.

     This week was filled with emotion... a lot in fact.  First, on Friday, my team and I had our last practice for the Friendship Soccer league.  After practice, we went to a food place called Quick and Delicious and ate, thanked the coaches, watched tv, ect.  

     The next day, 8:45 am, we went to go play our last game for the season against Burlington twp.  We played a great game.  The first half was ours, but we didn't score a goal.  We had the other team scared.  They would foul, mess up, ect.  Even the older kids on their team.  Second half however, towards the last 10 minutes, they scored a goal (thanks to their luck on not being called of sides).  Then, we lost 0-1.  It was still a good game.  In fact, the best we've played so far as a team.  Well, I guess next season we will do better as a team and also, we will have more players.  

  This year, I might do basketball (might).  I would like to win trophies in other sports too.  Plus, I'm going to start relearning how to read javascript.  I have a few tricks up my sleaves. ;)  

  If you want to learn code, or get back to learning it, go to here.  You will go to a cool site called Codecademy.  Well, that's pretty much it... BYE!