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Nothing much, just a person and a blog. I talk about my life games, events, everyday things. Also I write stories and other things like facts and scienece stuff and....wait... why are you still here.... GO READ MY POSTS hahah XD

Xefferious blog comic might take sometime.

Hey guys, Kwaku here.

   Xefferious, my new blog comic probably will take sometime to make.  I've been so cought up with school and sports lately I haven't even had time to finish the first chapter..... 

  So today marks my long weekend for we have no school for about 4-5 days I believe.  I will try to finish the chapter.  So far I only have 3 pages done.  I intend making 20 for one chapter or, more.  I'll try though.  If you wan't a non-chappy animation, I guess you will have to wait even longer because then, I would have to make everythig much better, example: characters, voice acting, ect. 

  Well that's pretty much it.  Also, I have to update a lot of my blog entries on here also, this blog.  I'll be adding cool htmls and more.  It will take sometime though.  Well, bye! :)