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Government Shutdown 10-7-13

Hey guys, Kwaku here.
I'm getting worried about the United States of America's economy. The government has shutdown all because the House of Representatives can't get their act together. Where did all the moderate republicans go? I hope they can stop complaining about Obamacare and get their act together and do what they should do. Work. Help America. If 800,000+ government workers are being let go with no pay, and we aren't paying our bills, we won't only hurt the U.S.A. economy but, the world's as well. I can't say I will not pay my electric bills (or my family at least.) If we don't then, their won't be electricity, heat, ect. And it can get pretty cold where I live. I hope the government will go back and work to make the economy better, rather than do witch-hunts and attack/de-fund Obamacare at the time. So let's turn on those National parks and help people who have no food, no job, and everyone we can.