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Nothing much, just a person and a blog. I talk about my life games, events, everyday things. Also I write stories and other things like facts and scienece stuff and....wait... why are you still here.... GO READ MY POSTS hahah XD

School is cool but can also be crewel.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. 
   I just got my allergy shot. Also, I'm going to my dad's college he teaches at soon, but first, I'm we have to drop my uncle somewhere.  
   I have school soon. In fact, tomorrow. I think it'll be.... an "okay" school season. I just have to study for tests. My summer was good. 
   Plus, today I was suppose to go to soccer but life has other plans. I'll go to the other games. Besides, this soccer game isn't THAT important. I'm going to tell all 1,986 of my friends to USE HATENA!  I'll also tell my 5000 fans to. Hopefully, they'll listen. 10 did today. Well, bye! f:id:kwaku:20130905051136j:plain