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My Hometown and the nostalgic memories it brought.

My Hometown

  Walking down the street, maybe getting something good to eat.  The streets are sometimes bare, but mostly you'll see people there.  At night you can hare the mother birds singing the young ones to sleep, and when day light the mothers moving softly getting their young something to eat.  As I am on the bus, I see old friends sitting by.  "Is this real?"  I ask myself, but it's not a big deal.  After it rains the sky is the clearest shade of blue, the lush, green, dewy grass has just got its morning bath.  Walking towards the woods, a wafts of air brought a whiff of sweetness, and with it the memories of saturday morning pancakes.  Going up to the hill was where the fun lies. Kickball, Soccer, Basketball, and more was the source of which what the hill was for.  Meeting friends in the hot summer night and when the moon wasshining really bright. As the summer breeze moves by, the joys of childhood was always by.  The nostalgia was still there, the nostalgia still cared.  When it called back to my hometown, it brought back all the memories and bring sorrow down.

  Imagine a summer night, in your hometown.  Imagine all the kind people you've seen in your life.  Remember the good times instead of the bad.  Imagine how it was like, with your mom and your dad.  Imagine what is could have been and remember what was, because that will be the source of most of your cause.  What I ask you to do is, never forget your roots.  Because all roots will lead back to one tree.