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Alpha Sk aka Kwaku.



Biography Edit

   Alpha Sk (Kwaku) was a North American Flipnote Hatena Animation Creator.  He joined Flipnote Hatena in 2009, when he got his DSI.  His 1st Flipnote Hatena account named id:nEVRsToP.  He didn't really draw good, and t

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Kwaku With Mr.Sun and Mr.Cloud by +(• - •)+ id:W00perFace
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he Flipnotes he made was sub-standered.  A few months after, he stoped using his DSI and gave it to a friend.  Then, when the Nintendo 3DS Xl came out, Alpha Sk didn't want to buy it, but, his family bought him one anyways.  When he had it he wanted to go back on hatena one more time.  So he made a hatena account. id:kwaku.  He, at first made spin-offs because he wasn't aware of the babies of hatena and what to do on it.  One day he saw a Flipnote informing him on it.  Ever since then he has tried to stay in line.   

In 2010, Kwaku (SuperKwaku aka Alpha Sk) reached 100 fans, improved on Flipnotes, and got 20 green stars

.  He was also a good stick animator.  But the fun times of his days on hatena were about to go bad.  On June 21, 2010, Kwaku meet a enemy troll on his Flipnotes.  His name was...  Starcop Seven.  Starcop Seven was Kwaku's biggest enemy yet.  This was also the time of the H.C.U.C being on Flipnote Hatena.  It was a bad period for Kwaku.  So he made his own group, The 

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Hatena Freedom Fighters (H.F.F) to stop opression from the Starcops and the H.C.U.C.  At first, the group didn't do very well, but, as time went on, they were winning.  Most of the Starcops were ban from Hatena and the H.C.U.C was going down hill.  The Starcops soon shrunk, and so did the H.C.U.C.  But Kwaku grew in popularity.  He had a creator rank of 15 in 2010.  

In 2011, Kwaku was doing better.  The Starcops came back, The H.C.U.C was gaining power again, tho, he was untouchable.  When ever someone tried to fight him, his fan base would attack them.  It didn't please Kwaku.  As much as he loved his fans, he wanted to fight his own battles.  There were 2 huge battle involing  with Hatena Admins, an

d  another invloving almost all active people on Hatena.  The 1st one was the Active people fight.  All tho the H.C.U.C was trying to gain power, the creator of the H.C.U.C couldn't control his army and or huge fan base.  Some say if he deleted the Flipnote, it would work.  But there was value to it.  Purple stars, green stars, red stars, blue stars, and Yellow stars.  So he didn't.  Also when the H.C.U.C was at it storng point, it didn't recruit well.  The owner and co-owner were suppose to approve the people, but the people took it in to there own hands.  Then there was the admin fight.  Admins of hatena came to so Flipnotes in the most popular telling people to stop harrassing Kwaku and others.  People really hated Kwaku because most people of hatena were or thought they were the H.C.U.C.  Some people fought the admins... as a result... they were ban forever.  But things can only get worst for what is yet to come.

In 2012, Kwaku reached 1000+ fans.  His creator rank was very good.  He was in the most populars, and was interviewd by hatena.  Almost everytime he posted a Flipnote, it was in the most popular list.  Some of his close friends started to hate him becuase of jelousy.  So they went to Starcop Seven side. Thus the last Battle became written in stone.  Kwaku Vs All.  Yes.  All.  Starcop Seven didn't win.  Nor did Kwaku.... They just...stopped.  
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Alpha Sk
Kwaku had to take a break and get with life.  He had to foccus on school.  Starcop was once again ban.  9 Months  later, Kwaku came back, and better then ever.  He lost motivation, but still did his Flipnotes.  On Decemebr 27th, he bought a 3DS XL.

In 2013, Kwaku finished his Flipnote Hatena Account with a big bang.  He mad

e a lot of Flipnotes and got people on his blog.  He also had a touching farewell.  It was a joy.  

You can find him at this facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/flipnotestudio3dfanpage

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He also spends his time on his Hatena blog.  http://kwaku.hatenablog.com/

Flipnote Studio 3D  Edit

 It is now said that Kwaku will be on Flipnote Studio 3D.  His 3DS friend code is: 

  • fc: 2981-5528-0746

Name: Alpha kwak (or kwaku)  He feels that this wil be a new fun era for him.  ---7/11/13


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