A blog. A boy. A life. It just keeps going on.

Nothing much, just a person and a blog. I talk about my life games, events, everyday things. Also I write stories and other things like facts and scienece stuff and....wait... why are you still here.... GO READ MY POSTS hahah XD

Motivational Me, I reach out to people...... Hi.

Y'know, a picture can mean a 1000 words.  This certainly does have that often saying sticked right next to it.  Some images can be poetry them selves.  A simple line can mean something.... a simple drawing of a word can to.... A simple drawing of a hand holding a kids dream can also... it can mean a lot... Small words can have big meanings... Big words can often have small meanings.. But it is the message to the one who dares to read that counts.  Nice job with your picture >id:sakura_luv88  You've earned my sub and I hope to see you on my blog soon.  :)