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A crazy week it was.

  Hey guys, Kwaku here.

Well, my parents just go back from Ghana like 2 days ago.  Also, the Zimmerman Trail found Goerge Zimmerman not giltuy for following (when the cop said not to) and killing Trayvon Martin.  I personally thought he was guilty, but, we must rescpect the jury's dession.  Plus, 

😏 So happy Uruguay lost. France, my second favorite team. :) I kinda wanted Ghana to win. But they did good. Reaching the top 3. :). #fifaunder20cup2013 #soccer #france #ghana

Wow.... You follow a kid.... When the dispatch said not to and you shot and killed him. If anything, Travon Martin stood his grown. He had his self defense. #travonmartin #anger #sad

Got a Ghana bracelet and other things when my parents went there. #Ghana #Africa #world #blackstars Can't wait for FIFA World Cup 2014 😃

Le feels. R.I.P #ripcorymonteith