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A ViewPoint From Me. Poems! (After night/late night blog)

I did this when I was in school like 2 months ago.  I have summer now :) f:id:kwaku:20130701154236j:plain


Imagine a world so great, so revolutionary, and together as one that nothing can break it.  Its very own essence is awe-inspiring to the point of revolutionizing everything we see, do, touch, you name it.  Image a world with no pain, no hurt, no dispute, for we are all above the childish acts that blind us or holds us back.  Our greed is diminished and our intellectually moralities are reestablished into something great.  What is this thing I tell you to imagine?  Life.  How simple and easy would it be?  If the world had a little bit more peace and freedom.  If everyone was rational.  The reason why I think like this is because; it is the best way to live.  Even if the world still will have hate,( which there always will be)  as long as we have good feelings, better then hate, hate will not prosper.  It will fail.  But, at times, radical movements and hate will be used.  My point is, life will never be some utopia, because, a utopia will never exist.  Sure, you can say heave and afterlife (if you believe in that stuff that is).  But in our physical form when will we ever get a 1000000% No hate no negativity zone?  Or do we need nostalgia to bring us that feeling of love, or freedom.  Or shall it only be known by a people with esoteric value and knowledge of this profound feeling, or experience, of pure, utter, peace?  Think.  Think what I have thought and said, and show a world of no hate and no violence.  For it will be mans gift for the ages to come.  It will and shall stand against the test of time.  Think… Think.