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Nothing much, just a person and a blog. I talk about my life games, events, everyday things. Also I write stories and other things like facts and scienece stuff and....wait... why are you still here.... GO READ MY POSTS hahah XD


I just got back from school and now getting my allergy shot. Right now I thought it was a good time to go on mobile. So I did. I'm at the Mercer Mall getting Asian food. Mainly sushi. Just Japense and also Chinese food. Today was weird in …

Why I haven't come on.... Worst... Soccer...Opening...day... ever

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Yesterday was Soccer opening day for my Travel, Friendship, and Rec leguage. It didn't go well at all. First I had to play back to back games and I was a foward. The first game I played was friendship. We went up agai…

school was great!

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Today school was great! And also, people have been saying my hatena haiku icon will get the admins mad. Here is picture proof they aren't. ~waku

First day of school and soccer today

Today at school was great. I saw a lot of my friends... But... It seems our voices got really (and when I mean really) deep over the summer. We all got tall and our pass teachers coudn't even believe that we look like how we did. In the co…

School is cool but can also be crewel.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I just got my allergy shot. Also, I'm going to my dad's college he teaches at soon, but first, I'm we have to drop my uncle somewhere. I have school soon. In fact, tomorrow. I think it'll be.... an "okay" school seaso…


Good morning/Afternoon/nigh to everyone. Today I found a game called Gaurodan. It is free of charge and you have to download it. You play as a bird (thunder dragon) destroying government buildings, ect. So far, I have the highest score. It…

Syrian crisis

The world is waiting to see whether the United States will strike against the Syrian regime, and whether anyone will join in. U.S. President Barack Obama said there's no doubt Syria used chemical weapons on its own civilians and he wants t…

The Future for this Blog and more.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I am going to be here on hatena blog and tumbler for a while (Probably 4-6 years, then making a website for my official blog) So, yeah. I love hatena blog and I think more people should use it. I think the devlopers s…

My hatena haiku icons made for fun.

Hey guys Kwaku here. I have school this week. I've been putting some finishing touches on my reports. So yeah. I'll just show you these things I did real quick.

ascii ART

+++###############################################++##########################################################################+ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ #@@@@@@; ++++++++++++++++++++++++'' ++###########################################…

School soon, At my dad's college he teaches at, and other things.

Hey guys, Kwaku here I won't be able to come here often because I start school next week. I'm in good classes and I want to mantain my grades to above B+. Sorry. Here is a picture I took yesterday. Enjoy.

O.C(Me, Kwaku)

I hope you can see the picture.

March on Washington DC

50 years today Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech on the steps of Washington DC. It was an amazing speech.

Art museum, Soccer today (a new soccer team I'm joining [again])

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Yesterday, my dad, older brother, and I, went to the New york art museum. Also, today I am joining another soccer team. So I'll be all cought up with it. I'm going to be posting some pictures. My original character. D…

Soccer was postponed due to a storm.

Hey guys Kwaku here. So now that my soccer practice was cancelled due to a storm, I have to wait until next week on Tuesay and Thursday to play. I guess I can wait. It'll be hard... But I can. :) Bye. :)

I won 2 games in soccer yesterday and, I went to get my shot and now I'm at my dad's college he teaches at with my Grandma.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I'm watching t.v and on the computer at my dad's college he teaches at. After that, my grandma has to go to the doc. Bye :)

I have soccer today! :D

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Today marks the first day of official soccer practice in the year of 2013. We will be having practice games. 548631_492365420847867_542860376_n.jpg

At my dad's college he teachs at. THEN I'LL GET NEW SOCCER STUFF :D

Hey guys, Kwaku here. So I'm at my dad's college and I'm ready for soccer tomorrow. I know it is going to be good! We've won 2 times in a row! Can't wait to see if we will with again this year! Bye! \

Soccer Soon! In 2 days!

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Well as you people know, I love soccer. To me it is the best sport known to man. I will be starting on 8/20/13 I hope I can have my 3rd win in a row!

In the car.

I just got back from back to school shopping. Now that I'm typing this on mobile I'm home. Blog for you guys later. Bye.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DAMN THIS COMMENT IS FANCY ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬DAMN THIS COMMENT IS FANCY▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hi.

Not a good day.

Hey guys. It is me, Kwaku. Well, my facebook page for Flipnote Studio 3D for some reson has been getting a lot of hate. We were once the most popular page until someone on the admin team was convinced by someone who hates me that I am evil…

Can't wait for school now.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I just got a lot of clothes for school. Also I just found out that some of my Friends wont be moving! I hope I'm still in those high class like I was last year. I'm fine with all subjects but I still have to battle ma…

Hatena Haiku Attack on Titan and adventure time meme "Mother of glob"

I just made this for fun x)

I made an adventure time banner for my facebook fan page.

My page I made for it: https://www.facebook.com/pages/That-guy-The-other-guy/282990551842045

At my dad's college he teachs at. Hello

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I just got back from taking my allergy shots a while ago. Now I'm at my dad's college. Enjoy this -Almost done reading to :)

New Comic Story coming to my hatena blog.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Just like homestuck, the online comic, I making my own comic series (nothing like home stuck's story line) but something different. I will post all the pages to it in one post. That will come around 2014 in the first …

What's new? And other things! #2

Hey guys Kwaku here. I just got back from my allergy shot at the docotors. Now I'm at my dad's college he teaches at. Also, like homestuck in Microsoft paint adventures I'm going to be making my own mini series like it here on hatena blog …

Shiny Kecleon

Encountered it like 4-5 weeks ago. I have two shiny Kecleons.

School soon.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I have school soon. Like in September. I'll try to blog tho! :)


I'm still looking through my SD card. I found this. I really like it! I recall myself drawing it like a year ago. Kwaku (Me)

My Hometown and the nostalgic memories it brought.

My Hometown Walking down the street, maybe getting something good to eat. The streets are sometimes bare, but mostly you'll see people there. At night you can hare the mother birds singing the young ones to sleep, and when day light the mo…

Microsoft Painting Art.

So I've been doing so Micrsoft paint lately. This is what I came up with. Enjoy. I made this by the way. I just uploaded it to my facebook to. :) Summer Hobbies and Activities

At my dad's college he teachs at and id:aaron I have an idea

Hey guys, Kwaku here. So as you guys know I have to take allegry shots about 2 times a week for about 6-9 months. After that I go to my dad's college he teaches at. Then after 6-9 months I have take the shot once a month for 5-6 years ._. …

This week's follow up questions. Plus a I'm going to go get my allergy shots and go to my dad's college he teaches at.

Well the tittle pretty much says it all...... Summer Hobbies and Activities Also I have soccer and school soon... So I might not be able to blog almost everyday when school is open. I'll try tho.

New Clothes for school plus a new book I'm reading.

Hey guys Kwaku here. I just got back from JCP and SEARS. I'm going to buy more. I just need to get my money. I also got a book for my summer school reading.

PKMN Black 2

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I ordered Pokemon Black 2 like a week ago. I'm almost done with the game. I beat the elite 4. Well that's pretty much it. Bye. :)

Snake skin wallet!

So when my parents went to their trip over seas they brought back a wallet with real snake skin. The inside feels weird. I like it. :). I hope you can see this mobile upload's picture. I'm trying my best to read the Japenes on here. XD bye!

Hurricane meme

I just made a meme Summer Hobbies and Activities Also I'm going school shoping!

At my dad's college he teaches at.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Just got back from the allergey doc getting my allergey shot about 1-2 hours ago. Well, I'm just sitting around and derp. So yeah.. well... BYE :) <------ I love this

Someone wrote a wiki about me .___. Thanks

Flipnote 3D Artist Wiki On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Photos Chat Forum Wiki Content Community Contribute Share Watchlist Random page Recent changes Alpha Sk aka Kwaku. Edit Comments0 6PAGES ONTHIS WIKI Biography Edit Alpha …

Attack on Titan game!

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I was just searching around on the internet and look what I found!! http://fenglee.com/game/aog/ Summer Hobbies and Activities

Soccer Soon!

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Summer Hobbies and Activities I have soccer this month. I won like 2 times in a row. 2011 and 2012 in the championship was a complete success. We won. 2012 was a fantastic year for me so far. I was one of the lead sco…

Having fun with new blog styles!

Summer Hobbies and Activities Hey guys, Kwa here. I'm still doing Summer Hobbies and Activities topic. So I just want to show you a new look for my blog.

Hunger Games photoshop cover.

Hey guys, Kwaku here. I've been working on my photoshop skills. This was from a long time ago by the way. So pumped up for catching fire I may just catch on fire!! I read all the books a long time back. The bset to me in order Catching Fir…

Sprite and Mosaic. Eeveelution>>Vaporeon

Before. After Summer Hobbies and Activities

Africa Epux and The 9 shades of Blue.

The story behind this mosaic: The sunsets and the lion roars from the moutian top. That is what I call, Africa Epux. 9 shades of blue: Deep under the ocean lies a beast, name unsaid, those who have seen it have been blinded by horror. Thos…

Old O.C drawings. AlphaSk aka Kwaku.

Summer Hobbies and Activities I forgot to post this before the transfer :( I still will use it :D

Back from my dad's college he teaches at :)

Well I back, and now I watching Through The Wormwhole with Morgan Freeman. :)

What's new? And other things!

Hey guys, Kwaku here. Summer Hobbies and Activities Well today I got my allegery shot.... Like always -_- Also, right now I'm at my dad's college he teaches at. Just wanted to inform you guys. I just finished eating some asian food to :3 O…