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School is over, and this month summed up.

Hey guys, Kwaku here.

     So school has been over since graduation on June 19th, also a lot has happend this month (like my school having a fire alarm problem which caused us to go to the highschool for school instead of the middle school like usually) and dances/events.  If you have been keeping up with my instagram and/or other social media accounts you would have probably seen these things.  So let's get down to the posts.


New windows 8 touch screen laptop 💻. The old one broke. I'll resume coding this fall hopefully. #windows #dell #computers #laptop #code #technology #computerprogramming

My dad bought me a new laptop (which I'm obviously using right now) and it's pretty strong/fast. Core i7 too, really great!



I just finished the book "The Outsiders". It's a really good book. Warning: You will get a feel 😪.#books #reading #ponyboy #theoutsiders

I also read a great book (school assigned).  I finished it within a day, The Outsiders by S.E.  Hinton.


We went on a roller coaster 🎢. The g-force knocked me out for like 5 seconds 😅 #dorneypark #fun #rollercoaster #gravity

Then we went to Dorney Park for a school trip, that day I went on 3 rollercoasters (first time even being on 1). They were Tallon, Hydra, and Steel Force.



8th grade Social was crazy fun! #dance #social #fun #friends


Then social came along, pretty rad.



8th grade graduation 6/19/15 Can't wait for highschool next year. 😎 #graduation #summer #highschool


Then graduation was here, it was great.  After graduation though I went to the Emergence Room for heart problems .  But hey, I'm alright and living.  


This school year was pretty cool if you ask me, and I hope for more cool ones. 

  Well cya

My Trip to Camp Ock and Themed Pokemon team.

Hello guys, Kwaku here.

Camp Ockanickon

     My school trip to camp Ockanickon on May 11th to May 13th was great! I had so much fun with everyone. I loved playing Manhunt with everyone there (7th vs. 8th). Also, the fun things we did like leadership building, trust exercise, swimming, rock climbing, etc. It was pretty cool.  I also loved the prank war between 8th and 7th (some friends, and I being some of the first people from 8th grade to launch the prank on 7th, put pillows outside, placed random this everywhere -- like a soccer ball in the freezer,etc.  They responded but with a rather crafty tactic.  You see, while we were on a hay ride, the ride mistioursly took too long to go around the camp groun, and all of a sudden stopped.  We were on the hay ride for 10 mins.  Now I don't know if this was planed or not, but this was seriously good prank timing for the 7th grade.  When we came to the cabin where 8th grade was housed, we were shocked to see we were PRANKED!  TOIELT PAPER EVERWHERE, so my friends and I heated up hot Hershey bars, and dirt, went to the 7th grade cabin with all of 8th, find out it was the girls from 7th who pranked us, and completely destroy their bathroom... chocloate and dirt everywhere.  I feel bad, but it was funny.  Surely we overreacted-- the parents and our teacher Mr. Lee said so, however it was hilarious).

 Here are a few pictures from the trip.  It is put into one.  I may post more, I don't know, meh.  Hope you enjoy it.


Camp Ockanickon was great.#campockanickon #trip #fun #camping #campock #ymca #Ockanickon


     Now, let's move on to the Pokemon team building. I have started creating the team based on the now coming summer heat. I have decided that it will not be trick room based, at least not the first one I make. I find it weird and unfitting to have a sun based team run on a slow start with a trick room. I find that the balanced it is, the better. I'll update on this later. I don't want to give too much away. When this is made I will release the spreads, movesets, evs, etc. I'll try my best to make a trick room based team with sun, however it may be uncomfortable to use at first. You probably have to run with the team around the block a few times to understand its strengths and mechanics.


Well, that's pretty much it.  See you guy later.

Happy Mother's Day/School camp trip tomorrow/Soccer skills improvement/Sunny Trick Room Pokemon Team TBD

Hey guys, Kwaku here.

School Camp Trip

Tomorrow I will be embarking on a three-day trip (overnight) to Camp Ockanickon.  I will be going with my Enrichment/GT (Gifted and Talented)  class.  Both 8th (where I'm in) and 7th grade Enrichment/GT classes will be going.  I will most likely be posting pictures I take on my instagram @kwaku_amp


Happy Mother's Day/ Feliz Dia de la Madre

Before I go on, I would like to give a thanks to all the mothers out there who put up with their children, care for them, love them, etc. I would like to give this special shout out to my mother. She Phas always cared for me all my life, and I am very fourtunate to have her. Grandma too! Both of these women have been very beneficial to me (helping me get to soccer, giving me a roof over my head, loving me, etc).


Soccer Skills

For the past year I've been perfecting my soccer skills. Nothing much to say other than I'm becoming great at juggling. The soccer season will probably will be a very explosive one. I'll probably show a video of me playing.. If anything it will be on my instagram, that is if I decide to do film.

Sunny Trick-Room Team Pokemon

Due to the heat here, and the coming summer, I want to make a Pokemon team themed on the sun and trick room antics.  Such a hot day, makes you slow and tired.. weak... THEN BAM!  Rotom heat and friends go all out, in a trick room! If anything I may adapt my team from trick room and just go on average speed/balance.  I don't know yet.  I'll let you guys in on the spreads and more.




     Well that's pretty much it guys.  I'll be back later!  Cya

Grades are good mmmmkay

Hey guys, Kwaku here.

  My spring break has been good so far and I hope you guys have had a nice break/easter/whateveryoudo. Basicaly my break consisded of recovering from a stomach bug, to working out and modifying my soccer skills, as well as studying (we go back to school this Thursday and the marking period ends on Friday, should have ended last week but it was extended due to snow breaks, that day when 35% of the school was out sick, and the fact that people need to get 'em grades up). Moving on, spring soccer starts this weekend, April 11th, along with my friend's birthday party. On a side note, I've started coding a website (don't get all crazy, it's just for fun really-- and hopefully will serve as a project for school? I don't know). The site is just for me to practice my computer webpage programming skills. So far, so .. meh..(working hard though whenever I can). That's pretty much it really..

Well, that's it.